Our CEO Connor will guide you through our plans to help animals and how we will turn your support into action!

What a year 2020 has been. 

For some, these past 6 months were a source of real discomfort and stress. For every one of us it was a time we had never experienced before in our entire lives. We are already half way through the year, and at times it seems like no time has passed at all. 

But know that we are in this together. Most importantly, animals are counting on us to come out the other side stronger. I am truly inspired every single day by the tens of thousands of people who are on this journey together with us. I am inspired because I see the faces of the happy animals waiting for us on the horizon of the future – coming closer and closer.

Our community raised nearly £17k to expose factory farm cruelty. And our petition is almost at 30k signatures. Wow! That is impressive. We turned this tough time into something positive for animals. Our movement is ever growing in numbers, strength and compassion. That fills me with the unrelenting courage and confidence to know that we will never ever stop. 

So, I bet you have always wanted to know: “what exactly do charities do with my donations?” And what are our plans to #BanFactoryFarms? As an organisation that believes in transparency, let me share these exciting plans with you.

For years charities have been calling for an end to factory farming. So what needs to change? We believe the first step is to continue building the evidence, so our society can no longer deny the mass abuse of animals raised for food.

Undercover investigations
Animals are suffering in silence, behind the high walls of factory farms. The industries depend on our ignorance. That’s why Open Cages works to publish undercover footage in the UK’s biggest news platforms – to inform and drive the public, decision makers and politicians to address the cruelty in our food system.

Ok, but how do we hold these decision makers accountable?

Campaign materials
We need to show decision makers that we stand against animal cruelty. Your support will fund campaign materials like billboards, posters, leaflets & enhancing social media awareness. We will broadcast the rights of animals to millions and keep building that petition number higher and higher.

And what is the solution for animals?

Pushing for change

People create change. That’s why some funds will go towards making sure our dedicated activists can do their job. As we build awareness and support, we will identify the most effective policies to help stop animal cruelty – and push hard for them behind the scenes.

And your support will fund many more awesome things.

We’re not in this alone, far from it. We will continue to work side by side with our friends in fellow effective, dedicated charities. Don’t you think the animal rights movement is so much stronger together?

But, we are not under any illusions that our mission is easy. Ending factory farming is a long term goal, and we will need to use many tactics and build many bridges. We have to be smart, patient and pragmatic. Can animals count on you to do that?

At this very moment we are working on our next steps to expose animal cruelty, hold companies accountable, and gain the support of our nation’s most influential politicians. I’m looking forward to going on this journey with you. I have no doubt that we will succeed.

As for what you can expect, keep your eyes peeled in the next couple weeks. We are about to launch the next wave of our #Tescotruth campaign, urging the UK’s largest supermarket to address the suffering of chickens raised for meat. Fly the sails, because we’re going to need you ready to act.

Thank you for standing together with us.