Our billboard fundraiser, announced last week, has received a wonderful response. In only one week, we have raised more than £1,200, which is almost half of our target! This shows that people really want to see Tesco held accountable for animal suffering in their production chain.
In case you missed it, Open Cages are planning a nationwide ad campaign #TescoTruth, aimed at bringing into light the truth behind Tesco’s cheap chicken. If you haven’t already, please help us keep up the momentum by donating now
On Monday afternoon, we were sitting at £1,235! This is almost half of our target, even though the fundraiser has only been running for one week out of four.

Keeping up the momentum

Marking the second week of the campaign, we are also asking for your help on social media! If you’ve donated already, or can’t donate for any reason whatsoever, please take a minute to go through these simple campaign actions:
  1. Click this link to open our fundraiser and share it on Facebook
  2. Retweet our fundraiser. Remember to tag Tesco to let them know we’re serious!
  3. Share and sign our petition to demand meaningful reform from Tesco
These kinds of simple actions are vital so that Tesco really feels the pressure from us. While we are concentrating on the fundraiser right now, we can promise you that we already have exciting plans for the next phase of the campaign!
Thank you for your continued support. Together, we can accomplish massive victories for farmed animals.