Animal Charity Evaluators have announced the top 4 most effective organisations working to protect animals – and Open Cages is one of them.

If you want to support a charity which helps animals in the most effective way possible, which one should you choose? According to independent assessments conducted by Animal Charity Evaluators, Open Cages should be one of your first choices. Anima International, which is represented in the UK by Open Cages has been ranked as one of the top four most effective NGOs for animals in the world.

Animal Charity Evaluators is an independent NGO based in the US with the aim of identifying which organisations do the best work for animal protection worldwide. Charities undergo a rigorous evaluation process, including extensive interviews with leadership, feedback from all staff members, in-depth financial reporting, strategy reviews and progress evaluations. Only four organisations are chosen from across the world each year as being the most effective at helping animals and in ACE’s own words – “These charities stand above the rest in terms of the quality and quantity of their work.”

But what is Anima International how does being a member of this coalition impact our work in Open Cages?

In short, Anima International envisions a world where animals are not treated as products. Founded in 2018 by leaders from Poland and Denmark, AI connects animal advocates from these countries as well as Lithuania, Norway, Russia, Ukraine, Estonia, Belarus and the United Kingdom. Our intention is to make change happen for animals as quickly and effectively as possible, filling gaps in the movement and speeding up the progress in countries where the animal protection is neglected altogether. Teaming up internationally allows us to do more for animals than any one of us could achieve alone.

We have long supported the ideas of Effective Altruism – using evidence, reasoning and self-reflection to make sure we are doing the best job we can with the resources we have. We owe it to the animals exploited by industries around the world to be constantly learning and striving to be better. We read and study a lot. We are open to constructive criticism and admitting we made mistakes. We will change our approach if there is a better way. “But we have always done it this way” is a phrase that doesn’t exist in Anima International.

This means we are particularly delighted that ACE has recognised that the work we do is effective – it confirms that we are on the right path. With this recognition we want to attract more supporters to our organisation and so do even more to help animals in the most effective way possible.

If that sounds like something you want to be part of – join us in the fight! You can donate here and be sure that we’ll use your gift wisely to help animals.