17 million animals.

That’s right. Denmark, the world’s third largest fur producer, will cull its mink population of up to 17 million after a mutation of the coronavirus found in the animals spread to humans, the prime minister said on Wednesday. 

Authorities in Denmark said five cases of the new virus strain had been recorded on mink farms and 12 cases in humans, and that there were between 15 million and 17 million mink in the country.

This level of death is heartbreaking.

A mink on a Danish fur farm

Life on a fur farm

Can you imagine spending every day in a tiny barren cage?

Poor minks like in the image above are forced to suffer on cruel fur farms. These wild animals need huge territories, but instead they are squeezed into wire cages and live lives of stress and misery.

There is no escape from their cage-mates. Cannibalism, aggression and madness are common. The only way out is a brutal death.

But this could be the end for the Danish fur industry.

“- It is a de facto permanent closure and liquidation of the fur industry, and we must immediately see it as an expropriation of all the affected farms and companies.” says Tage Pedersen who is Chairman of the mink breeders.

Voices from the industry are predicting a permanent closure. The reason is that COVID-19 has mutated on Danish mink farms and spread to humans.  Regardless of the motivation for the closures, this would spare millions of animals from suffering in tiny barren cages their whole lives.

Denmark is the world’s largest mink fur producer. This would spare millions of Danish minks from lives of suffering each year. But that’s not all. This could be one of the final dominoes that topple the global fur industry.


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