More than a hundred chinchillas were saved from imminent death by Open Cages – going into history as the greatest Estonian animal rescue of this kind.

I’m sure you’re well aware by now how cruel the fur industry is. But did you know that chinchillas are also victims: crammed into solitary cages on fur farms for their skin?

The animals are stripped of any opportunity to express their natural behaviours such as running, jumping or ‘bathing’ in dust, which is known to cause substantial welfare problems. In Europe around 200,000 chinchillas are killed for their fur annually.

The story

A chinchilla farm in Estonia was closing its doors, and the remaining animals were destined to meet the same cruel fate that thousands before them had faced. The fur farmers had planned to electrocute, skin and sell the fur of the last chinchillas as is typical on a chinchilla farm.

Fortunately, Open Cages, thanks to incredible people like you, convinced the fur farm to sell its last 105 chinchillas to the organisation – saving them from a brutal death. 

These chinchillas, like so many others on European fur farms, have gone through unimaginable mental and physical pain – only to be killed for their skin. Thanks to animal defenders like you, they now have the chance to start a new life in a caring home.

In the wild the big-eared animals can expect to enjoy a life of around 10-20 years, however on fur farms, they are commonly killed at around 8 months. European countries like Estonia usually electrocute chinchillas beforehand, yet studies show that the animals are still conscious for extended periods and often ‘suffer severely’.

All 105 chinchillas were successfully adopted – mostly in pairs, as they are naturally herd animals and highly social. To make sure the chinchillas receive the best care possible, advice from experts was given to the new owners. 

Ending this cruelty

We are continuing to push for a fur farming ban in Estonia, so that no animal will have to suffer this way anymore. These sweet mascots living in safety will really help us push for fur farming bans everywhere, don’t you think?

A bill banning the production of fur by 2023 has passed the first reading in the Estonian parliament, and I am hopeful the country will soon be a new addition to the growing list of fur-free countries.

I’m sure you’re overjoyed to see these fragile animals finding safe and loving homes. No animal should be born into the horrific world of fur farming, which unfortunately continues to operate all over Europe. While British fur farms were shut down 20 years ago, we are still fuelling its cruelty – it is time for the UK to finish the job with a #FurFreeBritain.

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